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Lynn Hiscoe

Into her third decade as a mental health professional, Lynn leads teams, provides workshops and delivers training on building healthy relationships with self. Counselling, coaching and building community capacity is a key part of the work she is passionate about.

“I whole-heartedly feel that everyone could benefit from working with Lynn. What was offered was instrumental in helping me better manage both my working and personal life. I would not hesitate to recommend her to any of my friends or colleagues.”

“The content Lynn offered was invaluable. It helped me to address areas that exacerbated my health issues. The program helped me to understand what my personal triggers were and how they impacted my working fife. Once triggers were identified, Lynn taught us how to challenge persona! triggers and to tum damaging negative thinking into positive thoughts. Furthermore, the program helped me to see how work was too much of a focal point in my life. To quote Lynn, "Life must be bigger than the stress." Identifying what makes lite enjoyable and planning to ensure it happens is key. Within this, learned the importance of setting goals for myself and the importance of scheduling to me to enjoy life and take care of my physical, and ultimately mental, health.”


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